Haas Automation Produced Twice As Many Tools In 2010

Sixty percent of the machines were sold overseas.

Machine tool builder Haas Automation doubled its 2010 production totals, with fourth-quarter 2010 revenues that were 118% higher than the first-quarter of the year.

The California-based builder noted that demand for its products grew steadily throughout the year.

"December was our best month since June 2008, with orders up 150% and revenue up 96%, year over year," said Bob Murray, Haas' general manager. "We see that trend continuing in 2011."

He said 60% of Haas machines sold in 2010 were delivered to international markets. Haas sales in Russia increased more than 120%, and sales in India rose 107%, while Chinese sales increased 68% and Latin American sales increased 65%.

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