Packaging Machinery Demand In China To Grow 8.6% Through 2009

Driven by manufacturing, demand for packaging equipment in China is projected to climb at 8.6 % annually through 2009 to 35.9 billion yuan (US$4.4 billion). China is one of the fastest growing markets for packaging machinery in the world. By 2014, packaging equipment demand in China will exceed that in Japan, making China the second largest market in the world behind the U.S. according to a study titled " Packaging Machinery in China," a new study from The Freedonia Group Inc., a Cleveland-based industrial market research firm.

Within the packing machinery arena, labeling and coding equipment will outsell other types of packaging machinery based on the need by shippers to accurately identify and track goods. Additionally the use of RFID identification tags will bolster demand. Demand for filling and form/fill/seal equipment will also climb at an above-average rate through 2009, maintaining its position as the most widely used type of packaging machinery in China. Demand for equipment used to package medical, pharmaceutical and personal care products is also projected to rise at an above-average rate through 2009.

The Freedonia Group Inc.

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