Download Operational Excellence: How to Make it Stick

June 12, 2018
A compendium of Continuous Improvement from IndustryWeek

Lean and continuous improvement have been core pillars of IndustryWeek's manufacturing coverage for decades. We have wrapped up some of our most potent and insightful CI pieces for you here. This e-book packages together a full range of industry stories, detailing best practices all the way from OEE and uptime to kaizen and hoshin kanri, from executive buy-in to targeted improvements, and from production all the way through delivery.

This collection covers:

  • Operational Excellence: How to Make It Stick
  • Why It Makes Sense (Sometimes) to Start With Hoshin Kanri
  • So What is "Lean" Anyway?
  • Achieving Perfect Delivery with a Lean Supply Chain
  • Think Lean to Make Safety Simpler
  • and more....

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