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Sept. 18, 2018
Featuring results from the IW Salary Survey.

With U.S. unemployment at an all-time low, finding manufacturing talent with the right combination of soft and hard skills can be a plodding and arduous process with few rewards. That’s why you need to hear from your peers about successes they’ve had that stand out from the status quo.

First off, are you paying talent the you have what they’re worth? The ebook opens with our 2018 Salary Survey, which looks at salary trends and provides data on pay for manufacturing managers from hundreds of companies. Then you’ll hear from manufacturers large and small about how they’re finding, hiring and retaining the best people. Learn about social media recruiting from Dell, setting up engineering apprenticeships from Timken and staffing entire factories from United Technologies. You’ll also find tips on retaining millennials, partnering with schools on training programs and looking past the obvious places for the people to make your plants thrive. Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe, a big manufacturing advocate, brings it all home -- and out into the larger community -- with a broader message about solving the skills gap.

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