Socializing Your CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Socializing Your CEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

CEOs at the world's largest companies are becoming more visible online, using company websites and video to engage customers.

You won’t find most CEOs tweeting, pinning or sharing.

But, while the top executives are not using social media, they are finding other ways to become more social.

In fact, the CEOs of the world’s top 50 companies nearly doubled their level of engagement online (from 36% to 66%) from 2010 to 2012, according to public relations firm Weber Shandwick. Those gains are coming through an increased presence on the company website and in video.

“Traditionally, CEOs have built reputations through means other than social media," said Leslie Gaines-Ross, Weber Shandwick’s chief reputation strategist. “…Chief executives are decidedly testing the social waters."

By increasing their online presence, CEOs are demonstrating that they "care about attracting the best talent, understand the need to better humanize themselves and are more in-tune with where their stakeholders are," among other things, Gaines-Ross said. 

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