G2X Energy to Build 13 Billion Natural Gas Facility in Louisana

G2X Energy to Build $1.3 Billion Natural Gas Facility in Louisana

The project at The Port of Lake Charles will result in nearly 1,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

BATON ROUGE, La. -- G2X Energy Inc.'s announced last week plans for a $1.3 billion natural gas-to-gasoline facility at The Port of Lake Charles in Southwest Louisiana.

The Calcasieu Parish project would create 243 new direct jobs  as well as 748 new indirect jobs, for a total of nearly 1,000 new permanent jobs in Southwest Louisiana.

"Louisiana is an energy-rich state and we're proud of that heritage," said Gov. Bobby Jindal. "In order to keep our energy industry strong, we have made a serious commitment to aggressively pursue companies that want to invest in Louisiana and create jobs here for our people. G2X could have invested in other states, but they chose Louisiana because of our strong business climate, energy infrastructure and incomparable workforce."

This week, G2X Energy will finalize an option to lease 200 acres in the Industrial Canal at the Port of Lake Charles, where the company will have the flexibility of shipping gasoline by pipeline or sea. G2X Energy will build its facility near Trunkline LNG, a major energy tenant operating at the port. Through its technology process, G2X Energy will use natural gas to produce methanol, then convert methanol to final gasoline for 90% of its production. About 10% of the output will be liquefied petroleum gas, or propane.

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