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top 25 healthcare supply chains of 2013
<p>top 25 healthcare supply chains of 2013</p>

The Healthiest Supply Chains in the US

Material Handling &amp; Logistics reports on the results of Gartner&#39;s ranking of the Top 25 Healthcare Supply Chains, and how these companies and health systems are leveraging supply chain capabilities to drive better patient outcomes.

When analyst firm Gartner set out to identify the Top 25 Healthcare Supply Chains of 2013, it chose several key areas to look at:

• Patient focus
• Collaboration
• Network visibility
• Dynamic supply
• Change
• Foundational excellence

As the scramble continues to adapt to the sweeping changes resulting from ObamaCare, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and hospital health systems are looking to their supply chains not only for a competitive advantage, but indeed as a way of surviving the numerous shifts in the marketplace that have already occurred, and that will become even more prevalent in 2014. (Curiously, the one industry that is perhaps most heavily affected by ObamaCare—the healthcare insurance industry—is not included in Gartner’s ranking.)

See the top 25 healthcare supply chains at Material Handling & Logistics.

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