At Everett Wash Boeing Commercial Airplanes rolled out a 7878 the first Boeing Dreamliner completed at the new rate of 10 airplanesmonth The buyer of this jet is International Lease Finance Corp and it will be operated by Aeromexico

Boeing Combines Teamwork and Technology to Deliver

Jan. 28, 2014
Boeing Commercial Airplanes reports it has finished building the first 787 Dreamliner jet completed at new production rate, 10 airplanes per month.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes delivered its 155th Dreamliner to Aeromexica for service.  Since the Dreamliner's introduction in 2012, 115 787's have been delivered to 16 customers.  This marks the successful implementation of a new production rate of 10 airplanes per month.

Boeing has said the 10-per-month rate is the highest ever for twin-aisle commercial jet.

Unfilled orders for 787s total 1,030 jets, from 60 customers worldwide.

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