Unturning Steel

Hiring Veterans for Manufacturing (Podcast)

March 1, 2024
Reacting to the tragic death of his brother, Bill Leahy founded a group to encourage veterans to find purpose working with their hands in manufacturing plants.

Bill Leahy is the Chief Executive Officer at Renaissance Reliability, a veteran-owned and operated reliability and maintainability engineering consultancy dedicated to American manufacturers. Paul Lavoie is the Chief Manufacturing Officer at the State of Connecticut and is committed to helping manufacturers take advantage of market opportunities to grow their businesses and solidify Connecticut’s reputation as the Silicon Valley of advanced manufacturing.

The two worked closely on Unturning Steel, a documentary that helps provide service members with a path forward after returning home. In the film, Bill sets out on a hero’s journey to help his fellow veterans bring their talents to American manufacturing. Together with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Bill has created a new offering that provides veterans the support and training they need to find purpose in American manufacturing.

Bill and Paul recently spoke with Plant Services Editor-in-Chief Thomas Wilk about their work with veterans and how their initiatives are helping to close the skills gap in manufacturing in North America. Plant Services works closely with IndustryWeek and other Endeavor Business Media manufacturing publications on "Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast."

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