Overworked and Underproductive

April 15, 2008
Survey indicates employees can't do it all in a day.

Heavy workloads have made it more difficult for employees to complete their given tasks in time, according to a survey released in February by LifeCare Inc., a provider of comprehensive specialty care services. The firm asked employees at 1,500 of its client organizations: "Looking back over 2007, what was the single biggest barrier you faced in fulfilling your job responsibilities?" Here's how they responded:

Overloaded/didn't have enough time to finish all tasks -- 39%

Basic job expectations not made clear -- 12%

Pay/rewards were not appropriate -- 8%

Child care issues -- 7%

Politics/personal conflicts -- 7%

Elder care issues -- 6%

Didn't have proper tools or equipment -- 6%

In 2006 the same question engendered similar results with 40% citing large workloads, followed by:

Pay/rewards not appropriate -- 15%

Politics/personal conflicts -- 11%

Basic job expectations not made clear -- 5%

Didn't have proper tools or equipment -- 4%

Child or elder care issues -- 4%

The remaining 21% cited "other reasons" for not reaching their production targets.

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