Biden's NLRB Rulings Show Clear Shift in Favor of Workers

July 3, 2023
Four recent cases show that manufacturers and other businesses should expect the federal labor watchdog to support labor over management.

Editor's Note: This story originally ran April 25, 2023.

In her April 13 IW Intelligence webinar, NLRB Regulations, Growing Push for Unions: What Can Employers Do?, labor negotiations expert Mekesha Montgomery outlined how the back-and-forth of government-supported power between employers and employees has swung towards the latter in recent months of NLRB rulings. This slideshow outlines four rulings Montgomery highlighted and their effects on business operations, as well as four more upcoming decisions and their possible consequences.

The recording of the IW-exclusive webinar, which includes more of Montgomery’s analysis of how the NLRB works, why it has swung towards labor rights and more, is available for IW Members Only subscribers here. And for a broader look at the union landscape, see Is Manufacturing Unionization on the Upswing?

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