SkillsUSA Welding Fabrication Competition Attracts Future Talent

July 23, 2019
Forklift manufacturer Raymond supports competition to help create "next generation of welding and manufacturing workers."

In an effort to find potential employees at every opportunity, many companies are taking active roles in competitions. One company, Raymond, a 95-year-old forklift manufacturer, recently hosted a welding fabrication competition at SkillsUSA conference that was held in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“Participating in SkillsUSA is very important to us at Raymond, as it allows us to directly connect with students from across the United States providing them with industry insights they may never have learned on their own,” said Dan Quiter, welding trainer, Raymond. “We are proud to be a part of creating the next generation of welding and manufacturing workers and help further shrink the skills gap and inspire young talent.”

While the competition showcases and teaches important skills, the finished product is used by a non-profit organization. 

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