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Spot the Robot Shows Off New Upgrades

May 3, 2022
Better vision, longer battery life, 5G connectivity, and new custom payloads top the list of robo-canine improvements.

Boston Dynamics today announced a new set of upgrades for its dog-like robot, Spot, that increase its utility for manufacturers seeking to hire a different kind of worker, like Ford and Merck .

Spot could already produce 3D scans of the space around it; now it can also “see” in full color and produce color images for operators to review. Its battery now charges to full capacity in an hour or less, making for shorter coffee breaks. It sports a new 5G modem to accept and execute orders more quickly, that may include movement commands provided via Spot's new tablet controller.

Finally, Spot has been cleared to deploy brand new payloads for tasks like edge processing, including site inspections conducted with its onboard vision systems, and a radio kit for improved navigation in remote locations, underground, or places that offer unique types of obstructions, even if RF radio interference is present.

Like any good show dog, robot or otherwise, Spot loves to show off its tricks:

For a more interactive demonstration, Boston Dynamics is hosting a webinar about Spot’s new capabilities on Wednesday, May 18 at 3 p.m. EST.

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