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The 2024 IndustryWeek Tech Survey is Now Live

March 7, 2024
Getting past the hype to find out what actually works.

Hello, all!

This is a rare opportunity to write you a personal note. Our annual technology survey, your opportunity to tell me what you need to hear about (and what you do not care about at all) is live. And I encourage you to complete the survey because by doing so you ultimately serve yourself.

Allow me to explain. :)

Anyone who’s worked with me knows I’m a curmudgeon about demonstrations of efficacy for manufacturing technology deployments. Pilots of bleeding edge technologies are interesting but generally speaking you want to know what actually works and I agree with you entirely on a personal as well as a professional level.

It’s all well and good for a technology vendor or supplier to tell us about the newest, greatest things and what the new trends are. But, when you consider a new technology you’re looking at the very least at CapEx and operational disruptions while installing new infrastructure and training operators. You need to know the technology delivers real results and those are the stories we find for you.

Our annual technology survey provides precisely this kind of information. What’s working, what isn’t, what do you plan to look into and what really doesn’t matter. It gives you an opportunity to see what competitors are up to and gives IndustryWeek an opportunity to make sure we’re giving you only what’s essential.

It helps fulfill our primary mission—building a community of manufacturers and finding the tools and wisdom to make them more productive, profitable and growing.

You can access the survey here. Please know that we don’t take for granted the time you spend completing it. Thanks for doing so. We look forward to sharing the results with you in April.

Dennis Scimeca, senior editor for technology

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