The IndustryWeek Additive Manufacturing Resource Guide

March 13, 2012
A comprehensive listing of some of the most prominent global producers of 3D printing machines and materials.

UPDATED: 3/29/2012

With the additive manufacturing market expanding ever more toward mainstream manufacturing viability, there is an increasing call for a centralized source of information about major players in the industry. To answer this call, IndustryWeek has compiled a list of some of the most prominent global producers of 3D printing machines and materials to act as a starting point for manufacturers interested in learning more about this technology and exploring some of the possibilities it presents.

As the additive manufacturing market grows, so will this guide. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive list of 3D printing suppliers and resources to provide thorough insights and market information across the industry. Until then, IW will provide continued coverage of additive manufacturing trends, news, and analysis as it takes off in the world market.

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3D Systems Corporation

3D Systems is a global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including personal, professional and production 3D printers, integrated print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers.

3D Systems 3D Printers

ProJet 1000 The ProJet 1000 has a sleek industrial design to complement your office or work space. It's easy to use and network ready, featuring an intuitive web browser interface that provides shared access for your entire group.
ProJet 1500 The ProJet 1500 has a sleek industrial design to complement your office or work space. It's easy to use and network ready, featuring an intuitive web browser interface that provides shared access for your entire group.
V-Flash The V-Flash Personal 3D Printer fits right in your office, home or modeling shop and within your budget. V-Flash prints durable plastic parts with a smooth surface finish and true to design detailed features. V-Flash is the most affordable 3D printer available.
ProJet SD 3000 The affordable ProJet SD 3000 prints high definition, durable plastic parts for engineering and mechanical design applications including functional testing, form and fit verification, rapid prototyping, design communication, rapid tooling and more.
ProJet HD 3000 The ProJet HD 3000 prints precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more. It features selectable resolution choices for speed and quality.
ProJet CP 3000 The ProJet CP 3000 is transforming the use of 3D printing for the rapid production of direct investment casting patterns for virtually any geometry. This printer mass produces 100% wax patterns with smooth surface quality and exceptional precision, supporting almost unlimited applications capabilities.
ProJet CPX 3000 The Projet CPX 3000 is transforming the use of 3D printing for the digital production of direct investment casting patterns. This printer mass produces 100% wax patterns with unmatched surface quality, extreme fine detail and exceptional precision.
ProJet DP 3000 This Dental Professional 3-D Printer accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision wax-ups for dental professionals
ProJet MP 3000 The ProJet™ MP 3000 Printing System is designed for use in laboratories with extended unattended operation and same day processing to reduce time and cost. The system can produce any size model with a choice of two print modes, smooth and matte. Multiple models can be built at one time.
ProJet 5000 The ProJet 5000 is ideal for mass-production of both large and small hard plastic prototypes and end use parts. It enables improved design communication and compressed design-to-manufacturing cycle time providing reduced time to market and higher final product quality.
ProJet 6000 The ProJet 6000 is the crossover printer offering the utility of a 3D printer with the precision and quality of professional grade SLA parts.
ZPrinter 150 The Zprinter® 150 performs most operations automatically and offers: 40% less operator touch time for setup and model removal, automated setup and self monitoring, automated powder loading and recycling, new "snap-in" binder cartridges
ZPrinter 250 The ZPrinter® 250 is our most affordable, full-color, 3D Printer. Building on the great features of the ZPrinter® 150, the printer adds the ability to print multi-color parts from a palette of 64 different colors.
ZPrinter 350 The ZPrinter® 350 is our most affordable automated 3D Printer bringing high-end 3D Printing features to a new level of affordability. A full-size, monochrome printer, the ZPrinter® 350 can quickly and easily meet the 3D printing needs of entire teams of engineers or a classroom of students.
ZPrinter 450 The ZPrinter® 450 Full Color 3D Printer is the World's most automated and affordable color 3D Printer. The 450 outputs precise 450 dpi color 3d model prototypes 5 to 10 times faster than the competition. With all-in-one printing and powder recycling the ZPrinter® 450 has 40% less "touch time" than previous 3D Printers.
ZPrinter 650 The ZPrinter® 650 has a large build volume, printing at 650x540 dpi resolution with superior 24 bit color and high throughput. It produces accurate color models from the original design data.

DSM Somos

DSM, a world leader in high-performance stereolithography material innovation, has developed a full line of Somos products that replicate production materials, saving time and money. Somos offers materials for multiple applications including: Functional Models, Fit/Assembly, General Purpose, Investment Casting, Snap Fit, Injection Molding/Direct Tooling and Wind Tunnel Testing.


envisionTEC develops, produces and sells Computer Aided Modeling Devices (CAMOD), including hardware, software, and materials.

envisionTEC 3D Printing Machines

Aureus The Aureus machine is designed to support Rapid prototyping and Direct Manufacturing with a low cost, high resolution solution. Based on the principle of Photopolymerisation the Aureus System creates three dimensional wax and resin.
Desktop Digital Shell Printer (DDSP) The DDSP System is rapid manufacturing system for Hearing Aid applications. Using state of the art Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments, the DDSP System can produce up to 13-15 shells/ earmolds in 2-3 hours per batch or production cycle. The DDSP System can use a variety of materials from transparent: clear, blue and red to skin colors: pink, beige, tan and mocca.
Perfactory Digital Dental Printer (DDP) A Cost-Effective Rapid Manufacturing System for Dental Applications
Perfactory Mini Multi Lens

The Perfactory SXGA+ W/ERM Mini Multi Lens is a three dimensional rapid prototype manufacturing system. Using state of the art Digital Light Processing technology from Texas Instruments, the Perfactory System produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time. The Perfactory System creates three-dimensional models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional.

Perfactory Standard UV The Perfactory SXGA Standard UV is a three dimensional rapid prototype manufacturing system. Using state of the art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments, the Perfactory Standard UV System produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time. The Perfactory Standard UV System creates three-dimensional models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional. The Perfactory Standard UV System now has an available CLEAR / TRANSPARENT material for use.
ULTRA The New Ultra redefines 3-dimensional desktop printing by delivering high resolution parts without sacrificing build speed, and without limiting the choice of build materials. The Ultra is engineered for extreme performance and reliability at a very competitive price point
ULTRA² The ULTRA² is a high productivity, high resolution rapid manufacturing system. It is ideal for any company requiring high precision and speed. There are no limitations to producing any part regardless of geometric complexity when provided as an STL file. The machines are delivered and installed with all relevant software to enable the automatic generation of supports and perfect model production. Resolution and surface finish remains constant over the entire build area due to patented technology based on voxelisation.
PerfactoryXede and PerfactoryXtreme The PerfactoryXede and PerfactoryXtreme three dimensional Rapid prototyping and Manufacturing systems allow for the production of exceptionally large 3D parts at fast build speeds without sacrificing surface quality and part accuracy.
3D-Bioplotter The 3D-Bioplotter is a suitable rapid prototyping tool for processing a great variety of biomaterials within the process of Computer Aided Tissue Engineering from scaffolds 3D CAD model to the physical 3D scaffold with a designed and defined outer form and an open inner structure.
Otoflash Post Curing System The Otoflash Post Curing System is a light polymerization equipment for the hardening/curing of light curing resins for i.e. jewellery, dental, otoplastic applications. It has two photoflash lamps at the bottom of the curing chamber which operate in a work mode with a frequency of 10 flashes per second. The photo-flash lamps produce during the flash a very intensive light radiation in a spectrum from 300nm up to 700nm. Because of this intensive light radiation you get a better hardening of the materials with very good physical values and reduced content of residual monomer instead of using other lamp types with a different light emitting spectrum.


EOS is the world leader in laser sintering - an additive layer manufacturing technology and the key technology for e-manufacturing. It enables the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of products, patterns or tools directly from electronic data. The process accelerates product development and optimizes production processes

EOS 3D Printers

Formiga P 100
The FORMIGA P 100 represents laser-sintering in the compact class. The machine is ideally suited for the economic production of small series and individualized products with complex geometry requirements which apply among others to the medical device industry as well as for high-value consumer goods. At the same time, it provides capacity for the quick and flexible production of fully functional prototypes and patterns for plaster, investment and vacuum casting.
Eosint M 280 The EOSINT M 280 is the updated and further improved version of the EOSINT M 270. It directly produces top-quality metal parts on the basis of three-dimensional CAD data fully automatically, in only a few hours, and with no need for tools.
Eosint P 395 The EOSINT P 395 is a highly productive thermoplastics laser-sintering system. It can produce fully functional plastic products for use in product development and manufacturing or for producing spare parts.
Eosint 750 The EOSINT S 750 is the only double laser-sintering system world-wide for the processing of Croning molding material. Using the DirectCast method, the system builds cores and moulds for sand casting.
Eosint P 760 The EOSINT P 760 is an advancement of the EOSINT P 700. The EOSINT P 760 is a highly productive system for processing thermoplastics. It produces fully functional plastic products for product development, manufacturing or for producing spare parts.
Eosint P 800 Elevated process temperatures enable the creation of parts with extremely good performance. The process characteristics known from traditional laser-sintering are comparable, but the material used, the temperatures required and the resulting product characteristics are completely different.


Materialise has been playing an active role in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) since 1990. In addition to having the largest capacity of AM equipment in Europe, Materialise also enjoys a reputation as a provider of innovative software solutions.


Objet Ltd., is a leading provider of high quality, cost effective inkjet-based 3D printing systems and materials. A global company, Objet has offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and India.


Developer and producer of stereolithography equipment (STL) for the production of plastic prototypes.


Stratasys invented its patented FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology in 1988 and has led the development of 3D printing technology ever since. Stratasys uses its FDM technology in both its Dimension 3D Printers, as well as its Fortus 3D Production Systems, developed for direct digital manufacturing and precision rapid prototyping. The company also operates Redeye On Demand, a digital manufacturing service.

Stratasys 3D Printers

Dimension 1200es Series The large build capacity of the Dimension 1200es 3D Printers gives you the room to print large functional, durable models (in build sizes up to 10" x 10" x 12") for evaluation and testing under real-world conditions.
Dimension Elite

The Dimension Elite is ideal for printing intricate 3D product mockups and functional models of parts such as medical devices, mobile electronics and precision instruments. Just click print to prep the CAD file and print the model. It runs quietly and unattended in an office environment. There are no noxious fumes or toxic materials that require special handling or venting.

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