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Give the Gift of STEM Toys This Season

Win one of three hot new STEM toys in this giveaway run by our sister publication New Equipment Digest.

If you're a strong advocate of American manufacturing, there's no better gift to give your little ones than a STEM toy. And we could think of no better gift to our readers than to give some away. Just take a moment to fill out your info at the bottom of this article and you could win one of these hot training tools so fun your kids won't care that they are learning.

Botley the Coding Robot | Learning Resources

This little robot can have a huge impact on kids who start using it. It teaches them the basics of coding via a simple remote (included). Set it to LINE mode and Botley will follow lines on paper or the floor like an AGV would with magnetic tape.(And check out our interview with the inventor HERE)

STEM Jr. Wonder Lab | Little Tikes

Little Tikes is known for nigh indestructible sandboxes, slides and Flinstones-esque cars. Now it has turned its attention to getting kids excited about STEM, with a working lab to make bubbles, lava, and several other experiments.

3D Magic Pen | Hamilton Buhl

A full-fledged 3D printer might be a bit too expensive (and extreme) for the tweens-and-under set, making this additive design tool the perfect gift to start building up your kid's creative and engineering talents.

The contest is over. Thank you for your interest.

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