Enhanced Software Solutions Assists Ontime Delivery

Nov. 6, 2008
Improved scheduling systems

The newest iteration of JobBOSS, from Exact Software helps manufacturers meet tight, ever-changing deadlines. It can achieve this through more accurately scheduling as well as reallocating resources and work centers.

"Manufacturers are faced with unique challenges, particularly when it comes to complex assembly work," said David Lechleitner, Exact Software. "If one component is delayed or a few members of the workforce aren't available at just the right time, job completion dates and profit margins suffer. JobBOSS 11 employs a demand-driven manufacturing approach for overcoming these bottlenecks, improving the result of the bottom line."

In addition, ShopBOSS advanced scheduler includes an interactive dashboard designed and built specifically for the production scheduler. This dashboard provides visibility into scheduled late jobs, missed job starts, jobs running over estimates, and jobs waiting on materials, allowing the scheduler to immediately address issues needing attention.

JobBOSS 11 includes numerous enhancements, including enhanced material linking, variable capacity per shift per day, improved performance of global scheduling, increased visibility into potential scheduling problems, and employee job assignment capabilities.

Additionally the solutions can provide projected delivery during the quoting process, manage work center capacity down to the shift level and override by date, drive the shop schedule based on material availability and use "what if" capabilities to see the impact on work center loads and delivery schedule.

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