Technologies Of The Year -- Notable Innovations

Jan. 14, 2005

Other submitted technologies with a notable potential to change how materials are manufactured and used are: Bollgard: Monsanto Co. developed this genetically modified cotton that provides inherent insect protection. Danfoss Type TN Hermetic Compressor: Allows refrigerant and heat pump systems to operate with carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Plasma Converter System: From Startech Environmental, this system is for waste remediation. It molecularly breaks apart any kind of waste via an ion-charged plasma torch and converts it to an elemental form for further use. Other submitted technologies with a notable potential to improve strategic planning are: Omnify 2.5: A business-ready product lifecycle management solution with special features for small and midsize firms. Oracle Procurement Contracts: Aims to minimize exposure to contractual risks, maximize buying power and eliminate erroneous payments, from sourcing through contract award, order execution through termination of renewals. Webplan RapidResponse Software: Promises to give manufacturers real-time insight and rapid response capability to anticipate and accommodate change. Other submitted technologies with a notable potential to improve operations: The Quest LMC42 Lean Manufacturing Cell: A Hardinge Inc. Machine Div. lean manufacturing cell gives both job shops and OEMs a way to reduce operating expense, job setups, crash potential, human intervention and waste. The self-contained cell features four distinct zones that provide a multitude of machining operations. Non-Vacuum Plasma Window Electron Beam Welder: Acceleron Inc. and Brookhaven National Labs developed a stabilized plasma arc "window" to enable high-quality electron beam welding outside a vacuum chamber. Other submitted technologies with a notable potential to improve product development are: Horizontal Modeling and Digital Process Design: Two recently patented CAD/CAM methodologies now implemented at Delphi by its software subsidiary. By changing the way designers create 3D CAD models with their existing CAD systems, the methodologies help manufacturers gain greater concurrency between product design and manufacturing process design. Endeca ProFind for Manufacturing: The software is intended to give design engineers unprecedented access to the silos of information represented by enterprise applications such as PLM and ERP. Some other submitted technologies with a notable potential to improve integration/collaboration are: UPS Package Flow Technology: A suite of software, hardware and process changes that upgrade UPS's deliveries. Predicted annual savings: 100 million miles on delivery vehicles, 14 million gallons of fuel, and 130,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. E2open B2B and E2open Integrated Platform: Provides system-to-system integration to companies of all sizes and technical capabilities. Sterling Commerce Gentran Integration Suite: A flexible, modular e-business integration platform that streamlines business processes across the supply chain. Inovis BizManager software: A comprehensive Web-based solution for trading partner and business messaging, connectivity and integration. Data protection is emphasized.

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