IBM Launches Software To Manage Smart Meters

Feb. 28, 2011
Software taps data captured from smart meters and offers managers greater control.
LAS VEGAS - IBM announced yesterday the launch of its Intelligent Metering Network Management software, which will allow managers of smart-meter networks more visibility, control and automation of their infrastructures. IBM's new software solution deepens the amount of information managers can collect from their smart meters and helps managers analyze the data to detect anomolies, thereby quickening response rates to problems in the electric grid. It will autmoatically trigger work orders and provide field crews with actionable information to reduce response times. The highly scalable solution will allow utilities to integrate service management for multiple devices and networks into a single view, allowing managers to spot patterns of problems and proactively fix problems before they become even bigger. IBM made the announcement at its business partner meeting, Pulse 2011, a gathering of nearly 7,000 IBM business partners.

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