SpaceClaim Aids LG With Rapid Concept Design

Feb. 23, 2011
Software enhances 3-D modeling capability.

SpaceClaim announced that LG Electronics is optimizing their engineering processes by using its software to modify and manipulate CAD models.

"SpaceClaim's ease of use and compatibility with a broad range of CAD software, enables our engineers to more quickly verify and measure 3D model data from designers and prepare those designs for the manufacturing process," said Juyeon Lee, Chief Research Engineer, Mold/Die & Forming Technology Group, Product Prestige Research Lab/Productivity Research Institute, LG Electronics. "Activities in SpaceClaim also include model modification before the machining process and planning the assembling procedures. We anticipate that SpaceClaim will contribute to the improvement of our overall production process."

SpaceClaim recently strengthened 3D direct modeling for the enterprise with the Company's seventh release of its software. New capabilities within SpaceClaim 2011 meet manufacturers' requirements for fast and cost-effective, engineering-driven product development.

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