SAS Launches New Customer Intelligence Solution

Sept. 19, 2007
Real-Time Decision Manager coordinates marketing communications across all channels

Cary, N.C.-based business intelligence heavyweight SAS recently announced Real-Time Decision Manager, a new tool designed to help marketers coordinate interactive marketing across multiple channels. According to company sources, the newest part of SAS' customer intelligence suite uses analytically-driven decision logic to increase the effectiveness of customer interactions.

For an example of the type of transaction covered, consider the case of a customer who is ordering a custom PC online direct from the manufacturer. The manufacturer can use SAS Real-Time Decision Manager to dynamically customize an offer based on the customer's value, and on available components. Based on real-time supply chain information -- say, if the manufacturer is running low on 120 gig components -- the customer may receive an offer to upgrade from a 120 GB to 200 GB hard drive.

The Decision Manager tool can also aid in customer retention. For instance, if a customer calls a financial institution to check his account balance and inquire about the minimum balance necessary to avoid a penalty, that information is fed into the system. Based on this new input, and the customers past behavior and transactional history, the automated decision flow determines that this customer has a high probability of leaving for a competitor. Other factors indicate that his profitability is above average and he shows great potential for future returns.

Based on this, the decision flow returns a recommendation to make an offer that will increase the probability of retaining this customer. The call center representative is then armed with the best possible information to act upon to keep the customer.

Real-Time Decision Manager ships in December 2007.

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