HP Offers Modernization Factory

April 10, 2008
Offers new modernization offerings to help businesses transform legacy applications

All organizations today use applications as part of their day-to-day operations. These applications must be fast, flexible and cost effective. Those that are unable to meet constantly changing requirements are considered legacy applications.

Although key to the organization, these applications can be difficult to modify and enhance because of their complex nature and maturity. This can result in high cost of ownership and inflexibility to meet business requirements.

To combat this lack of flexibility, HP recently announced new capabilities to help customers increase business agility and reduce costs by transforming their legacy enterprise applications into an environment that is better aligned to changing business needs.

To transform legacy applications, HP has introduced a modernization factory program, visual tools and state-of-the-art modernization showcase centers. These new offerings are designed to help customers deploy application modernization solutions more quickly and cost-effectively with less risk.

HP guides customers through the process of transforming their legacy applications by helping them visualize and understand their current application environments, identify areas for improvement, develop a strategy for the transformation process and then perform the necessary changes.

According to HP, the new HP Modernization Factory program relies on HPs extensive experience in application rehosting and reengineering. The factory is a specialized center staffed with highly trained experts who deliver modernization skills at competitive prices on a worldwide basis.

The company says that the advantage of using the factory approach is minimized risk, as well as reduced time, budget and resource requirements. When combined with offerings from HPs modernization partners, this program addresses customers increased demand for an expanded variety of modernization solutions.

With these tools, customers can see the internal structure of their legacy applications as the visualization exposes attributes such as size, complexity and internal structure. Using this information, customers can make informed choices on the best route forward to modernize.

The tools include:

  • HP Modernization Profile Analyzes an applications composition to assist in the selection of areas that may be the key contributors to high cost and low levels of flexibility.
  • HP Clone Set Analyzer Identifies duplicate code to avoid repetition of modernization efforts and provide economies of scale to reduce costs.
  • HP Clone Pattern Analyzer Reveals hidden patterns of code reuse to help group together similar applications and ensure tasks are not duplicated.

The new HP Modernization Showcase Centers offer services to assist customers with all phases of modernization. Deployed on a global basis, each center will provide a demonstration environment for proof-of-concepts and implementation activities.

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