IT FYI: State-By-State IT Services Data Now Online

April 5, 2007
A new service by online IT services marketplace OnForce.

Ever feel like your tech troubleshooters were aiming to put you out of business with high charges for time and trip costs (much less bank-breaking materials costs)? Wouldn't you like to see what comparable shops in your state or region are charging for the same services? A new service by online IT services marketplace OnForce aims to provide just that by providing data from the real-time, real-world work orders created and fulfilled through its site.

Some interesting information:

  • According to MarketView's Hourly Rate Index, Maine, West Virginia and Vermont are the most expensive states for on-site IT service. California, Ohio and New Jersey are among the least expensive states per hour.
  • Work orders are accepted in as little as 3 minutes in states such as South Carolina, Ohio and Florida, where technician coverage is dense. Median time to acceptance is lengthier in states with fewer providers, such as Wyoming, Alaska and Delaware.
  • The VoIP and Consumer Electronics categories are among the most expensive work order categories, nearly doubling the average price of the POS and Printer categories.

Since OnForce launched its "Explore the Marketplace" quick search tool in August 2006 (at, the tool has been used nearly 1 million times to research technician coverage and market pricing in specific locations. The new OnForce Marketplace Index enables buyers and sellers on the platform to not only research specific work orders, but to understand the overall trends in the industry as well.

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