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Virtual Twins in Manufacturing: 2021 Progress Report

Sept. 28, 2021
The pandemic has forced manufacturers to reimagine many aspects of their operating environment.

IndustryWeek on behalf of Dassault Systèmes conducted a midyear survey of industry leaders to gain a better understanding of how virtualization technologies are helping them adapt to these changes.  

In the Virtual Twins in Manufacturing: 2021 Progress Report, manufacturers report more investments in Industry 4.0 capabilities to increase visibility and lessen the impact of workforce shortages, which ranked as respondents’ top challenge they face when retooling operations for new products or additional capacity.

Their responses also signal the emergence of a supply chain renaissance, which includes reshoring/nearshoring initiatives and new inventory/supplier management strategies. Experimentation through the use of real-world models will help organizations measure how these changes impact their operations before making large capital and resource commitments. 

Check out the latest research for IW and Dassault Systèmes to help you benchmark your digital progress and the role virtualization plays in current and future manufacturing strategies. 

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