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Autonomous Operations: Embark on the Transitional Path Toward a More Autonomous Industry

April 20, 2023
Autonomous operations has been progressing, but the transition won’t happen without an integration mindset. Yokogawa helps prioritize next steps by defining the transitional path for the journey from Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy (IA2IA).

While the manufacturing industry has been focused on digital transformation for years, the march toward Industry 4.0 is rapidly accelerating amidst increasing uncertainty. This acceleration brings the many benefits of autonomous operations into a sharper focus, and companies are exploring and actively investing in implementing strategies to make this possible.

Yokogawa, a thought leader in industrial automation, is spearheading the development of autonomous operations. In the video below, Yokogawa explains how the IA2IA journey requires deploying various technologies across both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) areas. Achieving IT/OT convergence drives the shift toward digital enterprises and Industrial Autonomy.

To learn more about autonomous operations please visit this interactive site, presented by IndustryWeek and sponsored by Yokogawa.

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