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June 13, 2017
Online training courses address industrial security concerns. Full article brought to you by Rockwell Automation. Visit The Connected Enterprise for more.

Smart, connected devices are flooding the industrial space. Nearly two billion devices were deployed worldwide in 2006, and IDC analysts predict this number will grow to a staggering 200 billion by 2020.

The explosive growth of connected devices in industrial operations means manufacturers can have access to real-time data in their production environment. But smart devices alone won’t deliver “seamless connectivity.” Manufacturers need a workforce with the skills to build secure information architectures that drive IT/OT convergence. This convergence will deliver the promises of new efficiencies, improved product quality and more responsive operations.

One of the key skills gaps is in the area of security. According to the Sans Institute, more than 50 percent of companies do not have a security strategy that addresses the convergence of IT and OT technologies.

“Industrial security must be implemented as a complete system, rather than as a tacked-on solution,” said Paul Taylor, strategic alliance manager, Cisco. “The breadth of threats that exist today requires that security be robust and capable of eliminating risks on multiple fronts.”

To help manufacturers converge networks securely and unlock the promises of smart manufacturing, Industrial IP Advantage has launched its fourth and final network design training course, completing the full training program. The virtual training courses are designed to meet the emerging needs of control engineers and IT professionals tasked with deploying a secure network architecture.

The full training program is divided into four courses which include scenario-based topics such as logical topologies, protocols, switching and routing infrastructure, physical cabling and wireless:

  • Courses 1 and 2: Designing for the Cell/Area Zone
  • Course 3: Designing for the Industrial Zone
  • Course 4: IT/OT Integration

“These new training courses help both IT and OT professionals work together to deliver optimal network performance with adherence to industry standards,” said Ryan Lepp, director of business development, Panduit.

This article was originally published on ControlGlobal.com.

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