Enhanced Machine Safety Portfolio Improves Productivity

Enhanced Machine Safety Portfolio Improves Productivity

Jan. 17, 2018
Sponsored by Rockwell Automation. The Rockwell Automation machine safety portfolio helps simplify machine designs, reduce installation costs and ease compliance.

Hardwired or add-on safeguards can lead to longer machine design times and lower operational productivity. To address these challenges, Rockwell Automation has enhanced its machine safety portfolio to include a full range of input, logic and output devices designed to help companies more easily make safety a core function of smart machines.

The Rockwell Automation machine safety portfolio now includes the new Allen-Bradley GuardLogix 5580 controller, Compact GuardLogix 5380 controller, and Compact 5000 safety I/O. The portfolio also has new advanced safety functionality with the Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive. All of the devices are designed to communicate over EtherNet/IP and are tested against machine safety standards to help ease compliance.

The GuardLogix 5580 and Compact GuardLogix 5380 controllers expand the Integrated Architecture portfolio by bringing safety into the latest generation of the Logix 5000 series controllers. They provide faster system performance and new options for meeting SIL 2/PLd safety requirements or higher. This can help machine designers simplify their architecture and reduce control chassis footprint by scaling machines to the specific required safety rating, rather than using a controller designed only for higher ratings.

The Kinetix 5700 servo drive now includes five safe-stop functions and three safe-speed monitoring functions to help create smarter and more productive machines. These functions allow a machine to remain active while simultaneously being safely monitored. They also allow operators to perform maintenance and minor servicing tasks while a machine is running. For example, when used with a SIL 2 VP motor, the Kinetix 5700 servo drive can help reduce system wiring, complexity and costs.

“These new products and features expand our already comprehensive machine safety portfolio to help companies create safer and more productive machines,” said Jimmy Alvarez, global product manager, safety controllers, Rockwell Automation. “Engineers can select from a full range of devices that have been designed and tested for tight integration. And by making safety a core function of their machine, engineers can optimize safety and productivity at the same time.”

Safety modules are also now available in the Compact 5000 I/O family. They provide local and remote safety I/O for the Compact GuardLogix 5380 controller and remote safety I/O for the ControlLogix 5580 controller. They also provide high-speed I/O communications and help reduce the overall panel space required.

The portfolio also includes smart safety devices such as safety relays and light curtains that can be connected via the GuardLink safety-based communications protocol. This allows users to more easily identify which device was activated during a production stoppage, rather than manually investigating every device on a machine or line.

Rockwell Automation can work with engineers to create a machine safety system that is right for their design, safety and productivity needs. The company also provides a wide range of support for every stage of the safety lifecycle, from risk assessments and design services to installation, validation and training services.

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