Iw Octoplant Fact Sheet

Secure Plant Automation with Data Management, Version Control and Backups

April 27, 2022
Find out how to manage all of your IIoT devices and their data so that you can quickly recover from downtime, ensure all assets are running the correct programs, take proactive action to prevent security breaches, comply with regulations and more.

This fact sheet provides information on tools you can use to safeguard IIoT assets by ensuring they are running as configured, enabling you to instantly recover from a security breach, human error or machine failure and avoid product waste. Learn how you can use your automation data to gain insights to make better decisions and increase your Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE.) Also, find out how you can identify cyber security vulnerabilities and mitigate those risks but also how you can recover quickly and minimize downtime and damage if an attack does occur. 

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