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The Impact of Automation Program Changes on Downtime, Safety and Output

April 27, 2022
Automation devices and their logic programs are vital to plant production. If this automation data isn't properly managed, it can have a serious impact on productivity and safety. Proper change management safeguards against many common plant hazards.

Manufacturing and Utility plants depend on their IIoT devices such as PLC, CNC, SCADA Systems, HMI, robots and more, to achieve their production goals. These devices and their logic programs are vital to running the plant and if a device fails, the last working program configuration is lost due to human error, a cyber-attack changes the configuration, etc. the result is costly downtime, product errors, or even safety hazards.

This whitepaper provides best practices how to safeguard all automation assets and their data, so if a disaster does occur, you can quickly restore the correct system configuration.

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