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Build IoT applications faster with fewer resources

June 23, 2022
Making IoT applications is difficult without the right resources as many organizations face development challenges. Discover how low-code is enabling companies to push ahead of their competitors with personalized IoT solutions.

Low-code development spurs factory IoT applications

The world of low-code application development is starting to play a major role in factory IoT application development, enabling companies to push ahead of their competitors with personalized IoT solutions. These new tools help manufacturers support innovation, improve IT and OT collaboration and extend the capabilities of legacy systems.

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Low-code technology empowers citizen developers

Low-code platforms are the fastest and easiest way to build applications for industrial IoT. This technology empowers citizen developers to use an AI-assisted, model-based, visual interface. Workflows and processes can be improved as anyone in the organization can create their own IoT applications - even with no coding experience.

Expand your application ecosystem

Low-code development empowers companies to share, build and sell applications that benefit their company, partners and suppliers. These applications can streamline processes with suppliers and partners or can be sold to customers as new services. The apps can create closer, more efficient relationships to expand the application ecosystem.

Use Mendix low-code to customize IoT

Mendix low-code and MindSphere seamlessly work together to enable organizations to customize their industrial IoT solutions, getting people the right information and insights at the right time.

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