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How to lead Hoshin Kanri

Aug. 1, 2022
Is Hoshin Kanri too hard? With roots in Japanese manufacturing, this Lean, PDCA-based methodology unites strategic and operational work but is often associated with complexity. Learn how to simplify, benefit from, and lead Hoshin with this guide.

Read this IndustryWeek-exclusive eBook to discover why the success of Hoshin Kanri comes down to your ability to commit to six guiding principles, based on openness, collaboration, and learning.

Inside is advice on how to challenge your business to embrace Hoshin by being consistent and accepting failure as a route to success. You'll develop strong storytelling skills, drive buy-in of goals throughout the planning process, and use data and strong governance logic to keep your deployment on track.

Ultimately, you'll walk away knowing exactly how to live and breathe Hoshin Kanri, and unlock all the benefits that come with it.

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