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How to Engage Your Deskless Workforce with Digital Signage

Nov. 1, 2022
Read these tips to learn how effectively engaging the deskless workforce can lower turnover, raise productivity, and more.

The deskless workforce — employees without a designated workspace — represent 80% of the frontline workers that manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and other industries depend on every day. However, they are also among the most disconnected from the organizations they work for. None more so than in manufacturing, with a recent report by Workday showing employee engagement rates in the industry is one of the lowest, at a mere 34%.

To combat this, digital signage is increasingly being deployed in the factory, as an effective tool for engaging deskless workers with dynamic, captivating internal communications.

Download this article to discover:

  • Why the digital signage business case for employee engagement is so strong
  • Actionable, science-backed tips to improve your internal communications strategy
  • How to use ‘screens that communicate’ to democratize access to business-critical information and data
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