The State of B2B Ecommerce: 2022 Trend Report

Nov. 7, 2022
Gain insights into who today’s B2B businesses are. B2B commerce continues to evolve, but one thing remains certain — the importance of ecommerce in the world of B2B is only going to grow as buyers continue to seek new digital avenues for purchases.

To meet the demands of these buyers and keep up with the competition, B2Bs can focus on these emerging trends we’ve identified and leverage the expert insights we’ve shared.

  • Understand the ecommerce imperative for B2Bs right now
  • Find out why B2Bs are making investments in digital commerce technology
  • Get strategies for onboarding B2B customers to buy online
  • See which tools B2Bs are using to improve their online shopping experience
  • Learn ways B2Bs are expanding their reach through new channels
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