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Identify unexpected sources of motion and inventory waste in manufacturing facilities

Dec. 5, 2022
Improving productivity is key to maintaining peak performance in manufacturing facilities. Obstacles to operational productivity can often stem from unexpected sources. There are always new discoveries to be made and unseen waste to be reduced.

Research on where motion and inventory waste are most common in manufacturing sites shows:

  • 44% of machine operators are interrupted at least 20 times during a workday to walk and fetch or dispose of wipers.
  • 74% of machine operators take more wipers than needed for the task to avoid having to walk and fetch more each time.
  • 69% of machine operators get stressed if they are interrupted in their work when they have a lot to do.
  • 90% of machine operators say that if they were provided with professional industrial wipers close-by, it would help their workplace organization and work satisfaction.
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