Iw 3947 Honeywell Faq Oct 2023 V1

Seven Ways OT Security Teams Can Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

Oct. 13, 2022
Read this FAQ to answer some of the most important questions surrounding the strategy of preventing a cyber threat.

The constant existence of threat actors means the race to protect the weakest links across connected ecosystems is a nonstop marathon. Traditional cybersecurity measures are insufficient where cyber attacks move across converged IT and OT environments. Many organizations are investing in best-in-class managed security services. Creating a protected, risk-averse OT environment requires developing the business case, applying a holistic approach, and taking a forward-thinking path that will allow teams to identify and implement tailored solutions.

This FAQ will answer questions like: 

  • Should we apply IT-centric strategies to OT security? 
  • How are OT cybersecurity threats increasing? 
  • What are the checks we can implement to ensure out OT systems are protected? 

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