Community Colleges Chosen to Use Mentor Program for STEM Advancement

Community Colleges Chosen to Use Mentor Program for STEM Advancement

In order to help colleges lead innovative projects in biotechnology, biomanufacturing, virtual labs, engineering technology, advanced manufacturing, clean energy, geospatial technologies and cybersecurity, on July 15 ten were chosen to participate in a MentorLinks program.

Through the MentorLinks: Advancing Technological Education program, the colleges will be paired with experienced community college mentors with extensive experience in planning and implementing advanced technology programs. MentorLinks is led by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).

Mentors will work closely with their college teams on activities such as curriculum development or redesign, industry engagement, faculty development, student recruitment and retention, virtualization and internships and experiential learning experiences development for both faculty and students.

AACC has managed the MentorLinks project since 2002, where assistance to 34 colleges has resulted in the creation of 103 new courses, 15 new associate degrees and 25 new certificates; the development of several industry partnerships and internship sites; STEM program enrollment increases ranging from 14% to 350%; and the leveraging of more than $3.5 million in additional grant funding

More on the mentoring program on NED.

NED is an companion site to IW within Penton’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Group.

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