IT Departments Understaffed, Yet Overworked

Study finds lean tech staffs will have to keep pace with increased demands.

After months of budget cuts and layoffs, many IT organizations are operating with skeleton staffs. But that might not be enough to handle the 2010 workload -- especially with high-tech skills needed to help companies re-establish their business growth, according to recent research.

A study by IT recruiting firm Robert Half Technology reports that 43% of some 1,400 chief information officers queried believe their departments are either deeply or somewhat understaffed for handling their current workloads.

"Many companies have cut technology staff levels too deeply, making it challenging for IT departments to keep pace with demands," says Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology. "Although businesses may be able to operate with stretched teams in the short term, being perpetually understaffed isn't sustainable and can detract from the overall productivity and morale of the organization."

IT organizations might need all the muscle they can muster in 2010. As companies seek to re-establish their place following last year's economic turmoil, IT will be heavily leaned on to drive business growth. According to a survey of 190 senior business executives by Gartner, 62% say IT will be a "key element" in their companies' post-recession recovery.

That might mean thinner staffs continue to carry a heavy burden.

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