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Manufacturing's Unhappy Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Manufacturing's Unhappy Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Survey finds nearly half of manufacturing workers are unhappy with their job.

What if you gave a renaissance and nobody came?

That could be what’s in store for U.S. manufacturers if a new survey on the manufacturing workforce is accurate. The survey by finds that 47% of manufacturing workers surveyed are dissatisfied with their job and likely to be hunting for a new employer.

Despite the gradually improving job market and a purported 500,000 unfilled jobs in manufacturing, the survey found that only 34% expressed confidence in securing a new position. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents said it is more challenging to find a job than it was a year ago.

Those surveyed told the job market is saturated with qualified talent in their area of expertise, making finding a new job more challenging. However, 49% of the respondents said there are more job openings now than a year ago.

For more on the survey's findings, see the infographic below.


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