More Devices, More Problems

Proliferation of computing devices can up IT spend, as well as other resource needs.

The continuing integration of Information Technology into areas of manufacturing operation has brought with it a rise in employee computer usage.

Added to this, each of these newly empowered employees often brings a second (and sometimes even a third) computing device to the sales or operations desktop. All of these multiple devices are quickly adding up to multiple headaches for IT departments, who are forced to fight for the growing amount of resources necessary to manage an ever-increasing device population.

How many of your employees use multiple computing devices?

Percentage of employees Frequency of manufacturers
10 or less 27%
11-30 42%
31-50 15%
51-70 11%
71-89 4%
90 or greater 0%
Source: Unisys

How much has your support spending increased?
Increased by 25% 15%
Increased by 50% 35%
Increased by 75% 4%
Doubled 8%
More than doubled 11%
Decreased 11%
No change 15%
Source: Unisys

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