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Reducing Human Error When Implementing Six Sigma

Tools to take 'fuzziness' out of Six Sigma.

"We've taken the best human error prevention tools and strategies developed over the past 15 years within the U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power and Commercial Airline industries, and made them directly available for specific use during all phases of Six Sigma processes within all industries," stated Tim Autrey, CEO of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.

The report "Mistake-Proofing Six Sigma: How to Narrow Project Scope and Minimize Human Error" demonstrates how to eliminate the ambiguity (or 'fuzziness') involved in the human side of the equation, and put specific mechanisms in place to greatly reduce the potential for human error, according to its authors.

Tools can be used to help narrow the scope of a project on the front end, make for more comprehensive analysis and measurement and offer specific elements for use during implementation and control that greatly reduce the potential for people to make mistakes, explained Autry.

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