Survey: Workers Taking Fewer Business Trips

Business travelers are a little harder to find today in airports and hotels than they once were. According to results of a recent survey, nearly half (48%) of workers polled said they travel less frequently than they did five years ago; another 16% said their level of travel hadn't changed.

Robert Half Management Resources, which developed the survey, said companies continue to closely monitor travel expenses despite an improving economy. "Many firms are capitalizing on less costly communication channels, such as Webcasts and videoconferences, to facilitate project management and information-sharing between remote parties," says Paul McDonald, executive director of the Menlo Park, Calif.-based recruiting firm.

He cautioned that virtual interaction cannot always replace the value of face-to-face communication. "Meeting with clients or vendors in person, even if it requires occasional travel, strengthens business relationships by encouraging open dialogue on critical issues."

The survey, conducted by an independent research firm, includes responses from 972 people employed in professional environments.

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