• Jun 22, 2016

    Home and Household Appliances - Dossier  

    This dossier presents statistics and figures on the global home/household appliances industry. It includes chapters on production, consumption and exports of household appliances, sales and market share figures for the leading companies and statistics about the sales of small and major appliances....More
  • Jun 22, 2016

    Telecommunications Equipment - Dossier  

    This dossier presents a range of statistics on the telecom equipment market. It includes chapters on the overall market size, major companies and their market shares, networks and towercos....More
  • Jun 21, 2016

    United States Oil and Gas Industry  

    This dossier presents graphs and tables about the United States oil and gas industry. Crude oil and natural gas are crucial to the global economy, and the entire sector is expected to grow over the next couple of years....More
  • The 2016 IndustryWeek US 500

    The IndustryWeek U.S. 500 is IW's exclusive annual ranking of America's largest public manufacturers, based on revenue....More
  • Jun 8, 2016

    Capture a Composite Picture of the IndustryWeek Best Plants Winners and Finalists - 2011-2015  

    The information contained in this nearly 70-page, data-packed Statistical Profile presents a composite picture of INDUSTRYWEEK’s Best Plants winners and finalists for the past five years....More
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