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Accenture, SAPMarkets To Build, Integrate Private Exchanges

Compiled By Dave Schafer New York-based Accenture and SAPMarkets Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. plan to jointly provide services and technology to help clients build and integrate private exchanges based on MarketSet, a business-to-business solution from SAPMarkets and Commerce One Inc. With the agreement Accenture becomes a "Most Valuable Partner" within SAP's Global Partner Program and will dedicate a team of business-to-business professionals to develop and deliver exchanges worldwide, says Accenture. Accenture says it also plans to open client showcases in Europe and North America to highlight the company's proficiency integrating MarketSet across multiple hardware and software platforms. According to Accenture, MarketSet focuses on the efficiency of virtual communities by providing design, planning, procurement, and analytics integrated into a collaborative platform that drives business processes across multiple software systems and value-added services. "Our customers are demanding business-to-business solutions like MarketSet that enable them to connect with multiple enterprise systems," says Mayur Shah, president, SAPMarkets, the exchange company of the SAP group. "Our partnership with Accenture ensures that our customers can easily integrate their information and document flow across multiple back-end and legacy systems and reduce costs, optimize supply-chain inventories and strengthen customer and supplier relationships."

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