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Acer Supports Taiwan-China Union

Leading computer group Acer of Taiwan has pledged support for reuniting the island with mainland China in a bid to fend off Chinese threats to spurn business with the manufacturer. The move by Acer followed a warning from Beijing that it will blacklist Taiwanese companies that "openly clamor for independence." Acer has invested $150 million in China and plans further expansion to benefit from low labor costs. J.T. Wang, Acer's senior manager in China, said the threat reflected a misunderstanding of how Taiwan's pluralistic democracy functions. "We definitely consider this as very serious for Acer in China. We have to be careful and sensitive in our response." Evergreen, a major Taiwanese shipping group that also feels targeted by the Beijing warning, said its corporate policy does not support an independent Taiwan but wants closer economic links with the mainland. A similar view was echoed by the Chi Mei petrochemicals group which stressed it is not involved in politics.

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