Adaytum Launches Web-Based Business Planning

Just about anything and everything imaginable is available over the Web, so why not business planning? Why not, indeed. When Adaytum Software began offering its e.Planning 1.0, a Web-based business planning system in January, the idea was so popular that 20 companies signed up to purchase the software for a total of 17,500 employees. "Adaytum e.Planning represents a significant advancement in business planning technology," says Thomas Kelly, CFO at Deluxe Paper Payment Systems, a provider of paper and electronic payment systems. "As our company moves to a faster business model -- more products, more channels, and more markets -- we will need rapid and accurate forecasts that involve greater numbers of stakeholders." The Web-based planning product from the Minneapolis software maker includes modules for analysts, budget contributors, and administrators. It combines top-down planning and modeling with bottom-up budget collection, sales forecasting, and workflow. The Web aspect makes it possible for business professionals to provide accurate "bottom-up" numbers from their browsers to enhance the speed and accuracy of business plans.

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