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Adonix Offers Cure For ERP Integration Blues

Compiled By Traci Purdum Adonix, a global ERP solutions provider for mid-market companies, has launched its Adonix Data Collection module for the Adonix X3 ERP suite. The solution communicates among manufacturing, distribution and accounting functions for processing of shop floor and warehouse business transactions. The suite gathers data directly from automated input devices across operational areas, verifies its accuracy and passes the data to Adonix X3 for immediate update. It also controls all prompts on collection devices, manages the entire network of devices and ensures that data is saved during system downtime. According to the company, the specific benefits include:

  • Increased productivity through faster putaway and picking times.
  • Better visibility into work-in-process production orders and manufacturing costs.
  • Fewer shipping errors.
  • More accurate inventory counts.
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