Advice For Cardiology Product Makers: See The Doctor

When choosing cardiology products for catheter laboratories, decision makers say product innovation and performance are the top factors, shows new research from consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. And as a group, interventional cardiologists still have the greatest power in deciding which devices are purchased. Catheter-lab administrators and directors have significant decision-making power; nurses, purchasing managers, and hospital administrators have very little influence. So, training of cardiologists in procedures that use these products is very important for rapid market penetration and approval of new devices. Additionally, clinical trial data is crucial for atherectomy, percutaneous myocardial revascularization, radiation therapy, and laser angioplasty devices, says Frost & Sullivan cardiovascular devices analyst Sunil Saha. "These devices still have to prove themselves clinically, and therefore their future is heavily dependent on the success of their clinical trials."

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