Aerospace Commission Makes Nine Recommendations

By John S. McClenahen A year after it began work, the federal Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry, sent its final report to the White House and Capitol Hill on Nov. 18. The 12-person panel makes nine general recommendations, ranging from pioneering new frontiers in aerospace technology, commerce and exploration to urging the federal government to significantly increase its investment in basic aerospace research. "The recommendations are intended to catalyze action from leaders in government, industry, labor and academia and assure this industry's continued prominence," says Robert W. Walker, the commission's chairman. On Capitol Hill and in the White House Office of Management & Budget the report faces a cool reception. There will be a philosophical debate over whether industry or government should take the lead. And there will be a bias against any new initiatives or expansion of existing federal aerospace programs as long as the federal budget deficit, which could run $250 billion in the current fiscal year, continues to grow.

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