Alliance Aims To Help Process Manufacturers Comply With EPA

Compiled By Jill Jusko Two software solution providers have teamed to help process manufacturers comply with the reporting requirements of EPA regulations. Houston's SAT Corp., a provider of automation software solutions for process manufacturers, and Arlington, Texas-based Process Data Control (PDC) Corp., a provider of environmental compliance software, Web systems and databases, say they are leveraging their expertise for process industries, including petrochemicals and refining. To that end, SAT's IntelaTrac mobile computing software may now be integrated with PDC's Compliance Assurance System (COMPASS) to assure that mobile computing systems collect compliance data required by applicable rules and regulations. "Since the ultimate penalties for failure to comply with regulations may lead to loss of operations license[s], those in the process manufacturing industry realize the need to have a cost-effective process from which they can confidently attest to the accurate collection, reporting and monitoring of EPA-required data at their facilities," says SAT CEO Don Frieden.

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