Alliance Broadens Data Exchange Reach For Chemicals Players

Compiled By Deborah Austin ChemConnect Inc. members now can exchange data with downstream players through a new connection to the Global eXchange Services Inc. (GXS) business-to-business e-commerce network. Houston-based ChemConnect -- which helps companies optimize purchasing and sales processes for chemicals, plastics and related products -- already provides members back-end connectivity services based on Chem eStandards, the inventory, forecasting and collaboration e-messages developed by trade association and standards body Chemical Industry Data Exchange for transfer of XML documents between ERP systems. The new GXS link lets ChemConnect members exchange documents with customers and suppliers who use different electronic data exchange standards -- such as electronic data interchange, proprietary data formats, or other XML versions -- through a single hub rather than one-on-one connections. GXS -- Gaithersburg, Md. -- also provides supply-chain services and software.

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